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1965 Velocette Venom Clubman

Selling on behalf of our customer. Here we have for sale a great example of a Velocette Venom Clubman. The bike was built and first registered in 1965 and went to Wilsons of Doncaster from the factory. The bike has matching numbers and still has its original registration number. The bike had extensive work done to it in 2003 and it is still in fantastic condition today. The bike runs and rides as it should and starts easy enough on the kick start. The bike has a Lucas K1FC competition magneto and an Amal Monobloc fitted and therefore ticks over nicely. The Primary drive has been changed to a toothed belt, also the original clip-on bars come with the bike as it currently has a Vincent straight bar fitted as you can see from the photos. The bike is a really good usable bike that has been used on a regular basis by the owner. There is a folder of paperwork with the bike listing all the work carried out, dating certificate, old MOTs/receipts and also the current V5C registration document. The Clubman has not had any work done by Tanks Classics, however it has been through the workshop to check that it all works as it should. 

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Price is £15,000  ono

1961 Velocette Venom

Selling on behalf of one of our customers. Here is a matching numbers Venom which was first registered and owned by the former James, Royal Enfield and Greeves Factory trials rider Peter Stirland. The bike comes with the original buff log book, extensive paperwork for receipts and work carried out over the last few years and current V5C. 

The work carried out includes a bottom end overhaul by Nick Payton including the fitting of a flanged mainshaft, big end and main bearings, oil pump and timing gear spindles. The magneto has been overhauled. The gearbox has been overhauled and the swing arm has been re-bushed. Stainless steel mudguards are fitted, a new dual seat along with many other parts.

So if you are looking for a good original Venom which has not been made up from several other Velos, then this is a great bike to own and these are getting harder and harder to find. Cosmetically it certainly isn't a show bike, but it still has a good overall look and could easily be given a facelift if you so wish.

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Price is £8000 ono


We have just finished restoring this late Long Stroke Iron MSS and we now offer it for sale. The bike still has matching numbers when checked with the Veloce Ltd dispatch records. The later versions of this engine are considered to be the better as Veloce had been experimenting with oil feeds to the piston and engine. It also is fitted with Webb Heavyweight girder forks.  

The bike was in many boxes when we got it, however some of the frame and body work had already been painted by the previous owner when he started the rebuild. The engine and gearbox have been fully stripped, inspected and made right upon rebuild, replacing any worn bushes or components. The crank was split and a new big end was fitted. The magneto has been fully overhauled as usual, along with the Miller dynamo which was fitted with a new wiring loom and is charging the system as it should. New Stainless rims, spokes and nipples have been fitted to the front and rear along with new tyres. The bike starts easily and we are just starting to get some bedding in miles done on the engine with its first road test. 

A great example of what is considered to be one of the best bikes to come out of the Hall Green Factory (We are big fans of the MSS here at Tanks Classics HQ!)

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Price is £12,000 

1959 Velocette Venom Clubman

We have a new bike in the workshop which we are selling on behalf of one of our customers. This bike was restored a number of years ago however we do not know any details about this. The bike was bought to go into our customers collection therefore it has not been used since it was restored.  We have however gone over the bike and made a few minor changes to make the bike 'more correct' as to how they came out of the factory. We will also ensure that the bike is starting and running correctly but we have not done any work on the engine/gearbox here at Tanks Classics.

As you can see the bike has a different shade of black to what you would normally see on a Velocette Venom but the willow green and gold works well. The chrome work has been re-done or replaced and overall the bike does look very clean and tidy.

Please get in touch if you require any further details. 

£9,500 ono

1960 Velocette Venom WHJ 141

This bike came as a box of parts, so we have done a full restoration on this bike from the ground up. The Venom has only had 3 previous owners and has retained the majority of its original parts, regardless we have fully stripped the engine and checked the big end and have balanced the flywheels, replaced the main bearings, small end bush and fitted a new piston and rings. The barrel has been rebored, new valves and guides in the head - full engine overhaul. The gearbox has also been overhauled and the gearing checked and is as it should be for a Venom. Clutch checked and worn parts replaced then adjusted. Fitted with a manual Advance/Retard Lucas K1F magneto which has been fully overhauled. Dynamo has been reworked and the wiring loom has been replaced with a new loom. The Amal 389 carb has been stripped and ultrasonically cleaned and jetted to the correct settings. Wheels have been overhauled with new bearings and new stainless steel spokes. Front forks stripped, new bushes and seals fitted. 

The bike is in great condition and mechanically sound along with having many of the nuts and bolts replaced with stainless steel items. 

We are currently just putting some test miles on the bike to bed everything in and then the bike will be ready for the road. V5C present with the bikes original registration number.

Due to the need for space in our workshop we are selling this 1960 Venom for only £10,955 ono inc VAT

For further information please email Mark or Bill at

1965 Velocette Venom Clubman

Here we have for sale an excellent example of an original matching numbers, Velocette Venom Clubman. The bike was first registered in 1965 and went to Speedway's of Newbury from the Veloce Factory. The bike has a full fairing fitted, which makes the bike look fast even when it's parked up! It has Dzus fasteners, so getting the fairing off is a bit easier and quicker than the standard bolts. 

The bike had been restored sometime before the previous owner bought the bike back in 2015. The bike is currently running a 12v electric system as it has been fitted with an Alton Electric starter kit, 12v Electronic ignition system and a Primary belt drive kit. It has alloy flanged rims, TLS front brake and a nice set of adjustable Monza handlebars. Other upgraded parts include an Amal MkII Concentric carb, Koni rear suspension units and a Seymour style racing seat.

The 12 series gearbox has the TT ratio gears fitted, the same as on the Thruxton. The petrol tank has had a recent refurb on the paintwork and is now in great condition

The bike has been in our workshop on previous occasions for general service work and the fitting of the primary belt drive, so we have known the bike for a few years, but have recently serviced the bike and it rides and runs exactly as it should. The bike starts easily on the kickstart, but fires up at the touch of a button using the Alton starter. It has a key ignition fitted for a little security. Comes with some spares, paperwork history and a battery charger to suit the charging plug fitted to the battery.

Matching numbers Venom Clubmans are not easy to find, this is an excellent example of this model.

£16,500 ono

For further information, please email us at

1958 Velocette Venom Clubman Trim

Full nut and bolt restoration by Tanks Classics Ltd. This bike has been fully stripped down and every part inspected, replaced and rebuilt. We wanted to build a Venom in Clubman/Thruxton trim but with the final bike being something that was easy to start and usable. 

Original registration number and V5C present. Frame and tinware parts all stove enamelled. Larger, original Velocette 4 gallon petrol tank lined inside and painted. Thruxton mudguards painted. Thruxton oil tank for engine crankcase breather modification, machined and fitted. The crank mainshaft bearings, big end, small end bush have all been replaced and the crank rebalanced. Re-bore with a new piston kit. New valve guides, valves, valve springs, new exhaust stub drilled and bolted. Full gearbox overhaul and complete new clutch. Belt drive conversion on the primary drive. Manual Lucas K1F magneto fully overhauled. New exhaust system. TLS front brake, stainless spokes front and rear, on original Dunlop alloy rims. Speedo and tacho fully overhauled. New cotton Miller wiring loom with LED lights front and rear. Thruxton rearsets. Stainless fasteners. Plus much much more. Amal 389 Monobloc fitted to give the user a good, easy starting bike that ticks over without having to hold the throttle all the time.

The bike has won several prizes at various events around the country. This is a stunning example and a great bike to ride.

£18,000 ono

For further information, please email

1955 Velocette MAC

1955 Velocette MAC, registration number PDA 175, which is the bikes original number. The bike is still matching frame, engine and gearbox numbers from when the bike left the factory in June 1955.

The original Buff logbook is present showing four owners and continuous use up to 1966. This is a great example of a completely original, matching numbers Velocette.

The bike was completely restored by the previous owner and has since been re-commissioned and put on the road by Tanks Classics Ltd.

The bike is excellent cosmetically and now mechanically sound with everything working as it should. It starts very easily and rides well for a 350 engine, hence why the MAC was the most popular back in the day.

£6,500 ono

For further information, please email

1960 Velocette MSS

1960 Velocette MSS, registration number 905 AAH, which is the bikes original number. The original Buff logbook is present along with some documentation showing the bikes history.

The bike was bought by my late friend from a Classic motorcycle dealer however it needed work to run correctly, so has now been re-commissioned and put on the road by Tanks Classics Ltd. The engine is not the original. The correct 14 series gearbox is fitted.

The bike has Full width alloy hubs front and rear. A Roo stand has also been fitted. The Amal carb has been overhauled.

The bike is just ok cosmetically, although it has cleaned up quite nicely, but has some rust to the frame and wheels but it is mechanically sound with everything working as it should. It starts very easily and rides well, the 499cc engine being a great all-rounder.

£6,500 ono

For further information, please email

1967 Velocette Thruxton – VMT 525

For sale is a nice example of a 1967 Velocette Thruxton, matching numbers from the factory records and still has it’s original registration number, so these are the ones that hold their value and most desirable. Very nice bike but has not been restored and hence is in good clean condition but has signs of use including some pitting and rust spots on some of the chrome work and the front brake side of the hub. It also has a few scratch marks on the petrol tank. The bike has been fitted with an Amal Mk II Concentric carb, which makes starting the bike easier and is nicer to live with than the original GP carb for road work. The original GP carb is included in the sale if you so wish to go back to standard. A new exhaust system has been fitted. Original Lucas K1FC Magneto. All electrics work as they should.

Price - £21,000 ono

For further information please email


Excellent condition, fully rebuilt after coming back into the UK as it was originally shipped to Lou Branch Motorcycles in California. It now has been registered for the road and the V5 is present.

The bike has been used on a regular basis to shows, Velocette Owners Club runs and on local events, it has great low down power due to the gearing. Amal TT carb and straight through exhaust pipe which sounds fantastic. 21" Front wheel and 19" rear wheel with off road tyres currently fitted.

Alloy mudguards. BTH TT Magneto fitted with manual advance and retard. The swing arm trunnions are pegged, along with the steering column. This was done as standard for extra strength for off road work. Correct 6 stud rear hub.

There aren't that many of these around, so it's a nice addition to any collection.

£9000 ono

For further information please email

1950 Velocette MAC

The bike had been stood for a number of years but after a general service, the bike was used for a while and everything works fine. All gears select as they should, easy to start and fun to ride. V5 present and still has it’s original registration number, MFO 928.

The bike was then stripped down for a re-paint and general tidy up. Many new parts fitted at this point including a new Pre-Monobloc Amal carb, valve guides and valves, fork tubes, bushes and seals, new springs which were sent for chrome plating, new stainless rims and spokes along with many stainless nuts and bolts. Although not completely put back together, the bike looked well having a slightly different Bobber look to it, so has been ridden for a short time like this. All the original tinware is still present and has been blasted and is currently in grey primer. There is a spare petrol tank and new wiring loom. So the bike can be used as is or put back to a more original look if you require.

£5950 ono.

Please get in touch if you require further details at

1938 Velocette KSS MkII.

Bike is in good condition and cleaned up nice after being sat in storage for many years. Original registration number. The bike rides fine and goes up and down the gears nicely. Some non standard parts fitted to the bike but all period looking parts. Webb heavyweight girder forks. Please note that this bike has not been restored by Tanks Classics. Please get in touch for further details. £10,500 ono

Please email mark@velocetteclassics.com for further details.

1967 Velocette MSS

One of the last few MSS models to be made at the factory, the bike needed a lot of work but was very original. Matching number bike with it's original registration number. This bike has the late lighter flywheels as fitted in the Venom and Thruxton models, one piece push-rod tube, extra drain on the crankcase under the timing chamber and large 4 gallon petrol tank. Magneto and dynamo have been completely overhauled. A nice bike to ride. 

Please email mark@velocetteclassics.com for further details.

1948 Velocette MSS

I currently have a 1948 Velocette MSS for sale. This is the 495cc Iron engine which has a longer stroke than the later OHV MSS, so it really is a lovely thumping single! Dowty front forks with rigid frame. Fully restored back in 2003 but still a great looking bike. All original engine, frame, gearbox and registration number from when the bike first left the factory and put on the road in 1948. Original buff log book and current V5C present. A great original example of this model.

£8,950 ono.

Please email mark@velocetteclassics.com for further details.

1954 Velocette MSS

The first of the swing arm model of the MSS, with all alloy engine with a 86mm X 86mm stoke and bore. Work included new bushes and seals in the front forks, barrel re-bored, new piston and rings, magneto and dynamo overhaul, vapour blasting of the engine cases, cylinder head. Petrol tank re-sprayed. New front mudguard, new seat, new exhaust system. The 376 carb has been overhauled and is now like new. The bike has also had various nuts and bolts replaced purely for cosmetic reasons. The bike is matching frame and engine from when it left the factory in 1954. Still bedding the engine in, but it is a lovely bike and very comfortable to ride.

£8,750 ono

Contact mark@velocetteclassics.com for further details

1926 Velocette EL3

Your chance to own a fully restored example of a very rare machine. 250cc 2 stroke, 3 speed gearbox.

Rebuilt from a very rusty basket case to concourse standard. It is fitted with an Amal carburettor for more reliable starting and running but I do have the original Brown and Barlow which has been renovated. I have a full history of the machine.

£8,750 ono.

Contact mark@velocetteclassics.com for further details

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