Velocette New Parts

This page shows all the new parts that are available for your Velocette. These are parts that have either been designed and made or are parts that haven't been available for many years now. So keep an eye out for items that become for sale. 

We now have the facility to produce parts on a CNC milling machine, so again if you need a part making and have a detailed drawing, then please get in touch and we can see if we can help.

Swing Arm MAC Rockerbox oil feed pipe assembly

Rockerbox oil feed pipe
Swing Arm MAC Rockerbox oil feed pipe assembly

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MAS18 Swing Arm MAC Rockerbox oil feed pipe assembly

MOV Rockerbox oil feed pipe assembly

Rockerbox oil feed pipe
Oil feed pipe assembly, zinc plated for a more original look.

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A9/8AS MOV Rockerbox oil feed pipe assembly

Velocette MK I and VII KTT Petrol Tank

These are hand made aluminium petrol tanks to a very high standard, replicas of the original tanks and have been fitted to frames when made, however where possible, it is always better to have your frame in the workshop for the final stage, to ensure an exact fit. Made from T6 aluminium. Much lighter than the original steel version. Fitted with petrol cap. Made with two 1/4" BSP fuel tap fittings. The tanks come in bare metal but can be professionally painted at an extra cost.

MK 1 KTT Petrol Tank
Velocette MK1 Petrol Tank Painted
MK VII KTT Petrol Tank
MK VII KTT Petrol Tank

KSS Exhaust Nut and Tool

This KSS exhaust nut has been made by the Velocette expert Dennis Frost, they are made for all early K series OHC models that have the threaded spigot on the cylinder head to fix the exhaust front pipe. They are made from Aluminium Bronze. More importantly, Dennis has also produced a great fitting tool which fits perfectly on the exhaust nut, making it much better when fitting or removing the nut.
Please get in touch with Dennis for further details at

KSS Exhaust nut
KSS Exhaust nut fitted spanner
Velocette KSS Exhaust nut fitted

KA7-2 oil tank filter

This is a useful fitting, which catches any debris in the oiling system’s return side. It sits in the neck of the oil tank and has a cut-away aligned with the return outlet, allowing returning lubricant to spray into the filter before returning to the tank.

These filters fit most early K models, where the oil tank’s return pipe describes a straight line on the inner, forward face of the filler neck. The rebate on the filter engages with the return pipe and ensures it is fitted correctly.

These are £38 each plus £3 postage and packing.
Please contact Dennis Frost for further details

K Series Mesh Oil filter
K Series Mesh Oil filter inserting
K Series Mesh Oil filter top view
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