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Tanks Classics on the move
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Hello all, Just a quick update on what has been an epic task over the last few months! We have finally got to a position where we have moved into out new premises and will now be operating from here as of today, Monday 9th August. We are very excited to make this move as the business has grown and we can now accommodate more work and be able to restore, rebuild and service more of your Velocette motorbikes. We have a new member of staff to the ...

Velocette MSS 1966 Tanks Classics
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Hello all, we would like to wish you all the best for the New Year, difficult in the current lockdown status that we find ourselves in once again, however hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel and we can look towards the possibility of getting out and meeting up on our Velocette machines this summer. Which gives us all some more time to do the service work that gets over looked sometimes, such as changing the oil filter - Please see ...

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Velocette Motorcycle Ignition Timing - FAQ

The timing figures given in the service manuals are the factory recommended settings when petrol didn’t have so much ethanol in it, so we have found that taking 1 or 2 degrees off these figures works well for our bikes, using the standard carbs for each model. Here we will give both figures for the OHV engines – all at fully advanced

MOV – Factory setting : 40 Degs BTDC. My setting : 36 Degs ...

Velocette Clutch Adjustment
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Hello all, I am quite often asked about the clutch and people are sometimes puzzled at how it works and how to set it up. I have put a few answers up on my main website in a drop down section called FAQs/Specs. If you click on this and then click on FAQs, this will take you to a few questions that I normally get asked and hopefully there might be some information there which may help you out with your Velocette.

Starting a Velocette
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Starting a Velocette is always something that we hear people say is such a massive problem, yes it can be if they are not set up correctly like any bike, however we often see people kicking these bikes like a Triumph, BSA etc and they just don’t like that. The Velocette kickstart is such a short crank, you only really get one chance at starting it from the correct position. The way to go about it is as follows

  1. Item With the fuel on, ...
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We also build made to order Clubmanised Velocette Venoms, taking your donor bike or supplying a donor bike and fully rebuilding the bike from the ground up, building the bike to your own specification. Please get in touch for further details.
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