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  • Day 6 Assisi to Spoleto and the Finish line. Distance 178Km

Things were starting ache in a morning now, I've not done this amount of miles in one trip for quite a few years now and it was starting to show when trying to bend down to put my boots on this morning! But what a ride it's been over the last week and today was a much shorter route than normal, heading back to where it all started in Spoleto. Bags packed and into reception, ...

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  • Day 5 Assisi - Assisi. Distance 298 Km

Well today was the big one, the longest stage of the tour, so I was on my own today as Bill decided that he fancied having a bit of a tour around on his own at his own pace. This might be because competitive me had got the bit between my teeth and was getting into this whole race thing! I needed to get up the list! A quick check over the Velo this morning as I noticed the clutch slip a ...

Moto Giro D'Italia 2017 - Velocette on Tour
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  • Day 3 San Benedetto Del Tronto - San Benedetto Del Tronto. Distance 272 Km

So after being in the saddle for two solid days, needless to say it was another good nights sleep but I woke to a wonderful view out of the hotel window out across the Adriatic Sea. Down for a good breakfast and then we decided that we would give the Velos a bit of a check over seeing as we hadn't needed to touch them yet. Neither bike had lost any oil ...

Moto Giro D'Italia 2017 - Velocette on Tour
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  • Day 4 San Benedetto Del Tronto - Assisi. Distance 254 Km

We would be moving hotels today, so suitcase pack up and down into reception after having a decent breakfast, although there is no need to go daft at breakfast time due to the amount of food that is provided throughout the day at the various stops, but I can't resist a good feed to start the day off! One of the truly amazing things, which could only happen in Italy, was ...

Moto Giro D'Italia - Velocette on Tour
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  • Day 2 Spoleto - San Benedetto Del Tronto. Distance 258Km

Starting from Spoleto we were today heading east towards the Adriatic Sea. Fantastic weather again, it was just over 30 degrees C, so nice when riding but a bit warm when stopped. We climbed north towards the Monti Sibillini National park which had some of the most spectacular views and roads. We hit the first cafe stop at 11am, gave a few more universal 'I'm having a ...

Moto Giro D'Italia - Velocette on Tour
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Back in 2017, myself and Bill put down the tools and headed down to Italy for the 2017 Moto Giro D'Italia. This is a time trial event held over 1700km through some of the most fantastic roads in Italy with many stops in towns and villages along the daily route. The event is run by the Moto Club Terni who through their hard work and dedication, put on a fantastic event. The routes are clearly marked, the route sheets are clear, there are support ...

Moto Giro D'Italia - Velocette on Tour
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  • Day 1 Spoleto - Spoleto Distance 287Km

Starting off in Spoleto, the stage started with one of the many 'special stages' which was where your timing was important (as we found out on day one) The special stages consisted of a small area with timing beams at the start and finish, that was marked out with cones with straights, tight turns, s bends and within this were various lengths of marked sections that you had a certain time ...

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