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I don't know if you overseas guys and girls have seen what is going on in the UK at the moment regarding the Royal Mail Postal service, however there is a lot of strike action and has been over the last several weeks. This has caused a massive backlog of items that are now being held in warehouses and from our own experience with several European customers, we have got shipments ...

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Hello all. Finally, some good news for all you 350 Viper Owners out there, we now have new Viper Piston kits in sizes Standard, +020", +040" and +060" available through the main website. We also have piston ring sets if your bike just needs a freshen up!!! Just before you eagle eyed Velo nuts out there, start emailing me about the picture in the blog being a Venom/Thruxton piston not a Viper piston, you are indeed correct!! I just ...

On Way to Tanks Classics Velocette Workshop
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Hello all, Just to let you guys know that we will be attending this years International Classic Motorcycle Show after having a couple of years away due to the pandemic. Our stand is in the Main Hall so call in and say hello if you are passing. We can't say what bikes we will have on display this year because we haven't had much time to think about it yet!! But we will have at least one bike that has recently been fully overhauled and restored back ...

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The workshop and Office phone lines are all back up and running as normal now, so you can get in touch once again on the number 01229 588700 Sorry to you guys that have been trying to get through to us last week.

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Hello all I'm sure that many of you who have been trying to ring over the last two days have found that the line has been engaged all the time. There is an issues with the phone line in this part of town, however BT are working to try and fix it this evening or tomorrow morning, fingers crossed. Apologies to all of you who have struggled to get through on the phone. You can contact us through email at the moment, so please send your enquiry/order ...

Tanks Classics on the move
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Hello all, Just a quick update on what has been an epic task over the last few months! We have finally got to a position where we have moved into out new premises and will now be operating from here as of today, Monday 9th August. We are very excited to make this move as the business has grown and we can now accommodate more work and be able to restore, rebuild and service more of your Velocette motorbikes. We have a new member of staff to the ...

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We have just become stockists of SHORAI batteries. These are claimed to be the World's Lightest, strongest Powersports batteries and are used by many top race teams. We had been looking for an alternative to the sealed/AGM 12V batteries that we had been using with the Alton electric starter kits that we were fitting to customers bikes as we were never that happy with either having the larger 12v battery on open display on the battery platform, ...

B38 Drain Plug - Early models
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B38 Drain plug – early type with small .445in A/F hex head.

Our friend Dennis Frost has been working on his latest Velocette parts project and has had a batch of these 'small head' drain plugs made. Have a read below for a bit more information about these and how to order them

Before the war this ubiquitous Veloce component – fitted to crankcases and gearboxes – was produced with a smaller head which fits a 3/16" ...

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and are slowly getting back out on some bike runs? Having been on the last Zoom committee meeting for the Velocette Owners Club, we talked about getting some of the local club runs organized once again and advertised in Fishtail, so hopefully myself and Bill will be able to have a day or two off (if we can get our leave approved!!) and get some Velos out that haven't seen daylight for a while!

NEW ...

Velocette MSS 1966 Tanks Classics
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Hello all, we would like to wish you all the best for the New Year, difficult in the current lockdown status that we find ourselves in once again, however hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel and we can look towards the possibility of getting out and meeting up on our Velocette machines this summer. Which gives us all some more time to do the service work that gets over looked sometimes, such as changing the oil filter - Please see ...

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We also build made to order Clubmanised Velocette Venoms, taking your donor bike or supplying a donor bike and fully rebuilding the bike from the ground up, building the bike to your own specification. Please get in touch for further details.
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